The early history of the breed began on the Isle of Skye, one of the many islands in the Hebrides of Scotland. They are considered part of the oldest earthen dog population in Scotland. Here they were well known long before Kennel's recognition by the club.


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The Cairn Terrier breed is an aboriginal breed, in its appearance the features of ancient ancestors are clearly preserved.

Small agile tetrapods have been highly prized by humans for centuries. They performed several social functions at once, but hunting for fur-bearing animals and protecting the house from rodents are considered the main ones. The Scots, with an average income, had several of these dogs at once, so that they could control the cleanliness of the house, hangars and stables. Kern is a Gel transcription, denoting a pile or heap of stones. The very name of the breed reflects the purpose of the dogs - to drive the game out of the stone blockage. The majority of terriers work in earthen burrows, so cores can be considered a unique breed line.

Ancient breed of Scottish terriers

The early history of the Cairn Terrier breed began on the Isle of Skye, one of the many islands in the Hebrides of Scotland. They are considered part of the oldest earthen dog population in Scotland. Here they were well known long before Kennel's recognition by the club.

The lack of reliable written and pictorial sources created confusion among dog breeders by the time core breeders were fighting for the breed's official recognition. And the fight for the name of terriers in Scotland, at the end of the 19th century, was serious, future kerns were brought to the show rings under the name "short-haired short-eared Skye Terrier", as a result, the name "kern terrier" was assigned to the little working terriers.

The transcription of the word "cairn" in the British version [keən] - sounds like "ken". In the American version [kern] - sounds like "kern". Correct spelling in Russian Kern Terrier. Spelling as - Cairn Terrier, Cairn Terrier does not correspond to the pronunciation of the transcription and is considered a mistake. The word cairn is translated as a cairn of stones.

Advantages of the Cairn Terrier breed

Terriers (from the Latin "terra" - land, English Terrier and from the French. Chien terrier - "burrowing dog") - a large group of dogs, which are united by good health, malice towards the beast, courage and protection of their owners. Cairn Terriers are distinguished by special behavior properties: energy, cheerful disposition, endurance, courage and determination. Possessing the positive qualities of terriers, they are devoid of their shortcomings. These small hunters, capable of handling any animal from mouse to fox, are very affectionate and friendly dogs.

They are people-oriented and friendly towards everyone they meet. Performing guard functions, they do not become aggressive and do not interfere with their barking day and night. They are independent, but not stubborn, they are not afraid of anyone and know how to defend themselves. Kerns do not feel like small dogs, they are (“big dog trapped in a small dog’s body”) “big dog in the body of a small dog”. They are confident in victory over any opponent. The cores are very playful and self-sufficient, they can entertain themselves and enjoy toys. Their intelligence allows them to quickly learn what a toy is and not harm it. The Cairn Terrier is an active, intelligent, patient, good-natured and fearless little dog, ready to follow its owner even to the ends of the world.

Adoption and care

Due to its small size, there is room for the core in a small apartment. Do not place the dog's place in a draft, near a radiator, in a bathroom or toilet. It is worth immediately deciding on a dog bed. We use plastic dog beds of the appropriate size. Place a faux fur mat on the bed.

Do not use bedding with foam or synthetic winterizer filler. It is better if the bedding is tough, made of faux fur with a small nap, which can be washed in a washing machine as needed. The high sides of the bed will protect your dog from drafts, and the warm bedding will exclude colds.

In summer, cores are outdoors all day. They rest during the heat or rain at noon and at night in the house.


The Cairn Terrier is not a glutton, and is quite happy with two small meals a day at a certain time, preferring them to a one-time meal.

The advantages of dry food are obvious: there is no need to stand at the stove to cook porridge, cook meat and select vitamin and mineral supplements. Dry food contains all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for an active core life. So that there are no problems with obesity and health, we feed a certain amount of food indicated by the manufacturer on the package, depending on the weight or even the breed, because the domestic dog has regular feeding and does not need to eat for future use, like a wolf or a stray dog. Don't forget about water, the dog should have a bowl of fresh water.

Puppies feeding Cairn Terriers are fed with food soaked in warm water. We were able to find a dry food "Pronatur - lamb and rice", which is suitable for all our dogs. Our many years of experience show that all dogs are healthy and active, the coat is shiny, the teeth are strong, and the stool is well formed.

We give a little boiled meat or cheese to dogs as a treat during training. Dry lung firm "Titbit" is an ideal delicacy, does not stain hands and pockets during training and walking with the dog. Small amounts of raw carrots and an apple can be given to dogs as supplemental vitamins.

Each owner must decide for himself what kind of food he will feed his dog. Natural food includes: meat, fish, cottage cheese, boiled cereals and vitamin supplements. The products must be of good quality. The first dogs of the kennel since 1990 were Giant Schnauzers. They were fed straight and no problems arose. Unfortunately, at present, the quality of natural products has deteriorated sharply compared to Soviet times, which of course affects the health of dogs and people. Therefore, when feeding straight, it is impossible to determine the reason for the poor condition of the dog - either she picked up something on the street, or the food is to blame.

Do not give the dog anything from the table, especially for Cairn Terrier puppies, this is how you educate the beggar. The variety in food is harmful to your pet's health. Do not mix natural food and dry food. In the dog's stomach, certain enzymes are produced that are necessary for the digestion of natural food or dry food. For example, in China, not every Russian can withstand a specific meal, since our stomach is not prepared for the local cuisine. In India, many Europeans cannot drink water, and the locals do not feel discomfort.

Hair care

Like many wire-haired dog breeds, the core does not have a seasonal or constant molt. Plucking the dead guard hair with your fingers to renew the dog's coat is called Trimming. Under natural conditions, during the hunt, the dog itself lost its hair, rubbing itself against stones and trees. At home, simple trimming twice a year is within the power of any owner. Neither expensive tools nor special cosmetics are needed for this. The old hair is pulled in the direction of growth, which painlessly detaches from the dog's skin. It is impossible to cut a terrier's core with scissors, since the structure of the coat will acquire softness and fluffiness unusual for the breed, and the hair itself will become thin and weak. There is practically no wool in the house if the dog's coat is properly treated throughout the year. Show trimming is designed to maintain the appearance of the core, differs from hygienic and is performed once every three months.

Cairn Terrier health

The Cairn Terrier breed is an aboriginal breed, in its appearance the features of ancient ancestors are clearly preserved. The Cairn Terrier is distinguished by its good health and longevity. With proper maintenance and care, the health of the dog and Cairn Terrier adoption does not cause any difficulties.