Fatbikes - the appearance of the bike immediately indicates belonging to the class of fatbikes. The style is given out by large wheels with wide tires - 3.5 / 4.8 inches. The bike is suitable for outdoor activities, tourism, cross-country driving and everyday trips in the countryside. A large tire tread is able to overcome snow drifts, mud and loose sand. The motor power is from 500 to 1000 W, which allows you to drive up to 100 km.


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2022 update: Choosing The Best ebike under $2000

ElBike Hummer Standard

The main advantage of this electric bike is good depreciation in the form of a double suspension. Irregularities on the road are almost not felt. In addition, the wheels are large enough, which means you don’t have to stop in front of every curb. The big advantage of the bike is that it can be folded when needed. This allows you to transport it, but it is worth considering the weight of 22 kg. The battery is strong enough. The smell of the course is 45 km. Even if the charge runs out, the cyclist will be helped by a seven-speed rear derailleur. The 350 W motor allows you to accelerate up to 32 km/h. In addition, he copes well with races uphill (source: https://digitalflip.co/gadgets/Best_electric_bike_under_2000/).

Xiaomi Himo C26

A reliable electric bike from the well-known Chinese company Xiaomi has its advantages and disadvantages. The undoubted advantage is the impressive power reserve. On a single charge, you can drive up to 60 km. In addition, buyers like disc brakes that act quickly. A spring-elastomeric fork provides good cushioning and smoothing of road irregularities. The manufacturer also equipped the model with a rear seven-speed derailleur. The disadvantages of Xiaomi Himo C26 include, first of all, low engine power for such a price - only 250 watts. The motor allows you to accelerate only up to 25 km / h. Plus, the bike is heavy. Its weight is 25 kg.

The history of Electric bicycles

Electrification in general was a popular topic in the industry of that time - just like bicycles. The 1890s are considered the "golden age" in the history of bicycles: the first major manufacturers appeared, the market expanded.

At the same time, the first patent for a bicycle with an electric drive was filed. Its author in 1895 was Ogden Bolton (Ogden Bolton) from the United States. The patent suggested the installation of an electric motor on the hub of the rear wheel of a bicycle. The power source was a 10-volt battery mounted on the frame frame. Judging by the documents, the invention had neither a gear system nor pedals.

While Bolton's bicycle and the first electric motors remain documented, the existence of the electric tricycle is known only from drawings. According to unconfirmed reports, in 1881 the French inventor Gustave Trouvé equipped a British tricycle with an electrically operated linkage. There are few details about this transport, but, according to some sources, the Trouvé mechanism was compact and removable.

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