Social Media Marketing manager is a specialist in promoting goods, services and brand in social networks. This is the person who is responsible for maintaining the company's accounts on Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and other social networks.


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Tasks, salary and more…

The profession of an Social Media Marketing manager, on the one hand, is associated with advertising and PR, and on the other, with the IT sphere. In terms of product promotion, an Social Media Marketing specialist usually collaborates with the advertising department, but he also has his own separate tasks related to maintaining communities, analytics and interaction with people.

Thanks to the channel, I roughly knew how to write posts, deal with analytics and work with the audience. However, later I took an additional course in Social Media Marketing management. This helped me understand targeting, master the theoretical basis for working with different social networks, and generally learn to look globally at the whole process of work.

Just like in this social media marketing jobs post, I do not regret at all that I changed my profession. Social Media Marketing management is a very interesting field of activity. I like to learn something new, write posts, come up with memes, be creative.


The responsibilities of an Social Media Marketing manager differ depending on the company, its scale and type of activity. Sometimes a specialist is only required to create content, and sometimes he takes over the functions of a targetologist and is engaged in promotion.

Strategy and content plan

Other specialists are engaged in the actual targeting. Working with content consists of several stages. It all starts with a strategy: it is necessary to determine what products we are promoting, what is the target audience of the product, how to differentiate ourselves from competitors. Then, based on the strategy, a content plan is created, which is coordinated with the chief editor. Then everything happens according to the plan: writing posts, ordering illustrations from a designer, publishing, working with comments.

Communication with subscribers

Communication with subscribers is a separate layer of work. This includes tracking negative comments, answering user questions, increasing their activity, and directing discussions in the right direction.

Attracting a new audience

From time to time we announce interesting special projects in social networks related to the promotion of our company.

Search for new instruments

Another task of mine is to test new tools that social networks provide.


When analyzing social media metrics, I track all metrics that affect sales, such as click-throughs. When an article appears on a blog with a link to our product or service, I estimate how many clicks there were on the link, how many people who went to the site bought the product. This helps to adjust the work with content - I analyze which post or article attracted more attention and more buyers, I change the format or topic so that the number of clients grows.

In addition, I track the readability of posts, the reach and number of subscribers, the reaction of the audience: how many likes and comments are left, how many reposts are made. If people react to the material, then it is useful or interesting. If there is no reaction, then the post did not hook anyone and the number of such posts should be reduced.

You can learn an Social Media Marketing manager on online courses, this is the fastest and easiest way: see this article covering Social Media Manager Jobs for more details.

If you want to get a specialized higher education and work in Social Media Marketing, areas such as advertising, marketing, public relations and journalism are suitable.

It is important to remember that in the work of an Social Media Marketing specialist, practice decides everything. There is a popular opinion that any person with Internet access can be engaged in social media promotion. This is not so: it is necessary to have not only a theoretical basis for creating a strategy and content, but also a practical one - you need to be able to use Social Media Marketing planners, know the algorithm of the news feed, and follow global trends. Almost every day, something new appears in the field of Social Media Marketing, so you will be constantly learning.

Work schedule, salary and prospects

According to this research about the Social Media Assistant Jobs, a Social Media Marketing manager can work in the office or remotely. In the office, he will have a standard schedule from 9 to 18 or from 10 to 19. The volume and time of work on freelance depends on the person himself and on how many projects he is ready to lead - someone works several days a week, and someone - completely seven days a week. I work in an office from 10 am to 7 pm, but sometimes I can work from home.

Social Media Marketing manager is a promising and demanded profession. The popularity and importance of social networks continues to grow, they are becoming the main platform for communication between people on the network. Almost every company needs its own Social Media Marketing specialist to draw attention to its services and products.