The very meaning of "programming" is not tied to a language. The task of the developer is to explain to the machine what he wants from it. A programming language is just a tool to do it. Here, as with people, what language to speak depends on who you say it to. It is unlikely that you will explain something to an Italian in Russian, right? But the idea of ​​what you want to convey is not tied to either Russian or Italian. You choose a programming language depending on what tasks you are facing.


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Choosing the Best keyboard for programming


Programming is the process of creating programs (software). To do this, programmers write source code in one of the programming languages. There are more than 300 programming languages, but for a successful career, you can choose from the ten most popular ones. It would be even more correct to first decide on the area in which you are going to work, and only then proceed to the choice of language. One of the best languages ​​for beginners is Python - see Best keyboard for programming, for instance.

Best programming keyboard

Now it is difficult to find a person who does not use a computer keyboard in one form or another. This is a versatile input device that solves a wide range of tasks, both entertainment and work. Even users of laptops and touch devices with an integrated data entry interface resort to using a discrete keyboard, since the features of embedded solutions may not suit or cover the entire range of existing tasks. For example, ultrabooks usually do not have a Num block (usually located on the right side of the keyboard with numbers), which reduces usability, and typing a large amount of text at high speed on a touchpad is a nightmare.

This article will discuss the features of choice, differences and the most popular devices from the class of discrete keyboards. The main selection criterion is quite obvious - the tasks that the device should solve and personal preferences.


The best keyboard for a programmer is one that consistently performs its function and pleases its owner, and all other characteristics are just a matter of dispute.