From time to time we come across in our practice statements that all the same can be done on the grill, but we assure you that this, to put it mildly, is far from being the case. Grill and barbecue are similar, but very different devices for cooking.


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What is the Best natural gas grills under $500 - 2022 review

Practical size and optimal set of functions. This is the most popular category of grills. Their functionality allows you to cook a very large number of different recipes. They are optimally designed for 4-6 people.

Premium grills. The most technologically advanced, functional and stylish models of medium and large sizes.

At the end of this article, there are comparison plates for the best natural gas grills under 500 with their main characteristics.

Choosing the best gas grill under 500 dollars

The brazier is our history, and until recently, many of us cooked only on it. But in terms of functionality, ease of use (especially for women), the variety of dishes that can be cooked, a good gas grill wins a lot.

All this, first of all, is addressed to those who are thinking about how to make a summer house or a country house more comfortable and functional (we will explore this topic in more detail in our article on backyard kitchens). But if you are a staunch supporter of the brazier and everything said above and below is not something significant for you, then you need to continue to use it, because it is from the brazier that you get positive emotions. In all this, first of all, it is the emotional side that is of paramount importance, since the barbecue or grill is just a means to get positive. And we must organize our life in such a way that we are surrounded by things that generate this very positive.

Broil King Imperial S 690

The grill, which combines all the most advanced developments of Broil King, is the Imperial S 690. When they see it in our showroom or even in the picture in the online store, many people think that this is a professional grill for a restaurant, cafe; that it is excessively large for a country house. This grill allows you to get the quality of dishes, as in a restaurant, but it is just a household one.

Definitely, this is your option if you prefer special things, like to receive and surprise guests; and of course, if you like to cook. In Russia, 20-30 of these grills are sold annually, and we can say that this is to some extent an exclusive accessory.

Broil King Imperial S 690 can be called a mobile backyard kitchen without exaggeration. It has two independent ovens, which do not always have to be used together. In a large oven, a 64x49 cm grate and five Dual-Tube burners (patented by Broil King - “tube in tube” - for a more even distribution of heat in the oven). If we consider this section separately, then we get a grill of the most popular size, optimally designed for 4-6 people. Here you can comfortably cook for two, and with a certain optimization of the space on the grill, you can also feed 10 people to their fill. A part of a long skewer passes through this section, for which there is a special rear burner.

It is logical to use the second oven when you have guests. The point is not even that with its help you can cook more food at the same time, but that at the same time you can cook different dishes that require different temperature conditions. For example, in a large oven, a large piece of meat is baked on a spit, while in a small oven, fish or vegetables are cooked on cedar planks. Or cook pizza in a large oven and burger patties in a small one to make a small buffet for hungry guests. You can come up with different combinations. This will add variety to your table and will surely surprise your guests.

A small section is good for quick cooking, and a large section is good for a long one. A long skewer runs through both ovens, for which the large oven has a special rear burner. It rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Both ovens are equipped with a backlight, so it will be comfortable to cook in the evening. When it is turned on, the illumination of the burner control knobs also lights up at the same time. The base of the ovens is made of stainless steel.

On the sides of this grill are large tables (42x54 cm each). On the left is an infrared ceramic burner for juicy steaks or a conventional gas burner, on which you can do almost everything that you do on a home stove. Both tables have very roomy compartments on the front, in which you can put sauces, seasonings and larger bottles of drinks. Again, everything is at hand.

On the tables you can place dishes for ready meals, plates, or even use them as a small buffet space. It is very pleasant to stand at the grill, chat and taste freshly prepared delicacies with noble drinks! Remember how we all used to crowd around the brazier in an agonizing wait for the moment when the kebab is cooked, so that we can immediately grab a skewer and taste it. With a grill, this process has become more comfortable and enjoyable. And the range of what you can cook and immediately taste is disproportionately larger.

At the base of the grill is a spacious cabinet. In its left compartment there is a cylinder, in the right compartment there is a compartment with a shelf in the middle; and in the central part - two deep drawers. To this space, which will accommodate grill accessories, dishes, and some other little things important for cooking, a drawer is added in the right side table.

In total, the grill is 193 cm long and weighs 145 kg, so it is logical that it stands on six wheels, and not on four, like the vast majority of grills. If you have it standing on a flat floor, then one person will be able to move it if necessary without much difficulty. If the floor is uneven and is something like paving stones, then you need to move it together and very carefully so as not to damage the wheels.