By the way, an active soundbar may have a built-in player for DVD and Blu-Ray discs. This is convenient when you need a compact solution, but the Internet with movies and music available for download is not always available in the required quality, or you have a large collection of DVDs that you don’t want to part with.


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Connection method

Depending on it, devices are divided into active and passive. Passive models consist of a set of 5.1 speakers (left, right and center channels, left and right rear speakers). Such systems are usually installed in the wall. They are connected to the TV not directly, but through an AV receiver or through a powerful amplifier: Despite the complexity of the design, the sound quality of passive devices is very high.

Active soundbars that connect directly to the TV are in great demand. They are easier to use, perform other functions in addition to amplifying the sound: they are synchronized with a smartphone; work through wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules; include all types of emitters and an extensive set of electronics (including amplifiers and processors), and also have connectors for connecting to TV and signal sources. Among them there are simple and complex models:

  • with a small set of functions, designed to connect to a player or other multimedia device; used as additional acoustic equipment;
  • more complex systems comparable to a home theater; designed to reproduce surround sound without the use of bulky speakers;
  • acoustic systems that create the effect of complete immersion in sound content; they are expensive, but they transmit sounds in the highest quality.

To the question of which soundbar to buy: to improve the sound quality of the TV, an active model is suitable, and to achieve the effect of a home theater, a passive model with surround sound.

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