If you want to open a virtual betting shop on the internet, the best and most reliable solution is to make a betting shop website on Joomla using our online betting software.


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The creation of a free betting site is quite an ambitious task

The important thing to remember when setting up a betting shop website is that organising this activity on the web requires some knowledge and skills in the legal field. In case the legal side of the issue has already been worked out by you, wix.com website builder offers to consider some important advantages in creating a website on this platform:

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What do I need to know to set up a betting shop?

Basic terms and definitions

A betting shop analyst

A betting shop analyst is a person who specialises in drawing up betting lines in a betting shop. He receives up to 10% of the total profits of the bookmaker's office. In our system the analysts sell paid forecasts and get a profit for it.


Bookmaker is a job of a professional sportsman in a bookmaker's office, who is engaged in receiving money bets on the results of various upcoming events (most often sports) with predetermined odds, as well as payment of winnings according to a preset formula. Bookmakers take bets on horse racing and racing, on the results of various sports, political, cultural, financial, weather and other events. It is important for a bookmaker to be able to correctly predict (independently or on the basis of other predictions) the estimated probability of a betting game and the future popularity of various bets among potential customers based on statistics. Our software performs the job of a reliable virtual online bookmaker, accepting online bets on any events.

A bookmaker's office is an internet establishment or an off-line establishment where the bookmaker conducts its activities.


Bonus is a certain amount of money which the bookmakers give to their players for betting upon registration. Also some betting companies organise bonus promotions and draws.


A bookmaker's fork, or arbitrage, is an opportunity to bet on all possible outcomes of an event at different bookmakers and to make a profit regardless of the outcome of the event. The amount of profit is in the range of a few percent of the betting amount. Although the theoretical possibility of making a profit of 100 per cent, in reality it is possible to make a loss due to mismatch, cancellation of bets, differences in the rules of the bookmakers' offices. Bookmaker's forks search strategy is possible when the odds of the same event at different bookmakers differ. Bookmaker's forks are more likely to occur in live betting. There are many programs and services for search and calculation of bookmaker's wagers (scanners and calculators of bookmaker's wagers) spread in the Internet, but bookmaker's offices fight against this phenomenon by cutting down the accounts of suspicious players if possible.


Refund - a betting amount determined by the bookmaker's office, which is fully compensated (returned to the player's account) by the bookmaker in case of loss. Usually the bookmaker's office retains the right to declare the bets (or part of them) invalid (in such cases the payment is made with odds "1") or to suspend the payment until the proceedings (including court proceedings) are over in case of disputable situations.


Deposit - the amount of money credited to the betting shop's betting account.


Player is a person who bets at the bookmaker's office. After registration in our software the player can make bets and buy forecasts.


Outcome is a result which the player made a bet on.

A handler

A handler is a person who earns professionally by selling his predictions to players and consulting services. The best-known and most trusted private players give paid advice to players and participate in ratings and tops of trusted private players based on their reviews. Our program is essentially a caper think tank and is ideal for successful capers.

The odds

The odds (KEF) is a numerical multiplier expressing the probability of a particular outcome in a sporting contest. European odds are decimal. This kind of odds we are used to use. This type is mostly used in bookmakers' offices in Eurasia, Australia and Canada. A decimal odds is a number which can be calculated by multiplying your stake by the odds shown. For example, if you wager $10 at odds of 1.8, your net payout if the outcome is positive will be $10*1.8-10$ = $8. Decimal odds are inversely proportional to the possibility of a positive outcome, i.e. if you see odds of 2.0, then the probability of the event is 50%. English odds are fractional. Fractional odds are more commonly used in sport horse racing, they show the proportion of your winnings to the amount bet, i.e. if you see odds 5/1, it means that if you bet $1, you can win $5 with a positive outcome, while odds ⅕ means that you must bet $5 in order to win $1. American odds are very popular in North America. They are displayed as integers, and larger than 100 with "+" and "-" signs, i.e. if you see +120, it means that if you bet $100, you can win $120 if the outcome is positive, and -120, it means that you have to bet $120 in order to win $100.