Probably almost every student has ever faced the question "Editing how to essay"? Knowing how to write an essay correctly and how to edit a text that has already been written is very important for higher education.


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The simplicity of text presentation

Accessible language, easy-to-understand words. Users don't have time to decipher terms and jargon. If you can't do without a term, give the deciphering right away.

The terms in the text do not in any way confirm your competence in the subject. The opposite is true. The simpler and more accessible you can explain a complex topic, the higher your perceived competence in it is.

The main problem with any text on 90% of websites is a long, irrelevant, and useless introduction about how "ships sail through space". Remove introductions that familiarize or introduce the reader to the problem, they are useless. The user is already familiar with the problem and is looking for a solution.

Removing the excess

Any text can be shortened by 20% without sacrificing content. To make an article strong, wring water: remove every word, without which the meaning of the sentence is not lost. (Introductory words: most likely, first/second, as you know, can be said, by the way; intensifiers: very, most, most, strongly, maximally; words with which the author is trying to strengthen the meaning of other words: adjectives, adverbs and nouns. They are quietly removed from the text or replaced by specific facts).

Remove stamps, clichés. These are phrases that are used so often in texts/speech that they have ceased to be means of expression. They have become standard, "hackneyed" and have already become boring (becoming an increasingly popular service; you are faced with a question; widely used, etc.).

Simplify overly complex sentences

Put everything that stands wrong in order. Suggestions should be clear the first time and written simply. To keep the reader's attention and not clutter up the text, divide long sentences into several shorter ones. This makes the article easier to read and saves the target audience time. Remember the rule: one sentence should be no longer than two lines.

Work on design

The structure of the article is not the least important. Even if the essay is informative and useful, written in simple language and without a single error, it is not certain that it will be noticed. A solid text with no visual clues will make few people want to read it. In addition to paragraph breakdowns, the text needs other formatting elements to interest readers:

  • -in each paragraph, the main idea (sentence or phrase) is visually highlighted;
  • -lists are great for structuring text and making scanning easier;
  • -the main ideas are better framed in quotations or information boxes;
  • -relevant images simplify perception and reduce cognitive load. Make sure the images are useful and not used solely for ticking boxes;
  • -headings and subheadings make it easier to scan and identify the information you want on the page.

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