Often, feeling a weight on the soul of a loved one, they try to help him with their caress and their warmth. The French Bulldog is meant to be the perfect companion, a faithful, kind and devoted friend. They are balanced and soft, pose no problem and generally resemble babies in many ways. By the way, they love and enjoy spending time with them in various games, taking walks together and generally love being the center of attention of children.


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Keeping French Bulldogs

The life expectancy of the "French" is 10-12 years, but with proper care, they can live longer. To do this, the owner must understand their characteristics and needs. The most important thing is not to leave the animal alone for a long time. You can even take a Bulldog with you on a trip, they tolerate transport well. The only warning is that these dogs overheat quickly due to their physique. In a hot room, they can develop heat stroke.

You need to watch your pet for a walk. The puppy french bulldogs for sale do not shy away from people, they are very gluttonous, they pick up from the ground and can take treats from a stranger. It is impossible to say for sure how long to walk this dog. Cynologists recommend at least an hour, but there are stay-at-home animals, and there are more active ones. Therefore, the duration of the walk is determined individually.


Taking care of these pets is easy. This can be entrusted even to a child. With a good attitude, the dog will become a devoted friend. The "French" are unpretentious, they feel great in a small city apartment. They do not require long walks, field trips. They do not tolerate cold and heat, so they live comfortably only in the house.