If Nvidia G-Sync support is not important to you, then you can start your acquaintance with the class of fast UWQHD displays with Samsung's excellent time-tested solutions: C34F791WQI and C34H890WJI. The models differ slightly in price, matrix used (*VA 1500R with QD-LED backlight and *VA 1800R with W-LED) and design.


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2022 update: Gaming monitor under 300 - choosing the best gaming monitor

Response time

"Response time" is measured in milliseconds (ms) and is related to the apparent blurring of moving objects. However, there is no single generally accepted standard. The most common value is GtG - it measures the time it takes for one pixel to change from gray to white and back to gray. It is important that this is a purely comparative value, since in reality it will take more time for the same pixel to switch, say, black to white and back to black. Sometimes the MPRT value is used, which measures the time an object is displayed on the screen until a complete frame change, like explained here https://thetimes.digital/games/best-gaming-monitor-under-300/.

Input delay

"Input delay" means the time that elapses from the moment you press a key until the corresponding action is displayed on the screen. That is, the command is sent from the controller to the computer or console, the system processes it, calculates all the necessary events, creates frames and sends them to the monitor. Adequate for professional eSports is considered a delay of no more than 70 ms, and for more measured games up to 130 ms (0.13 s).

It is important that the response time matches the refresh rate. If the pixels change colors more slowly than the image as a whole changes, then there will be a so-called "ghosting" or afterimage from the previous frame on top of the new one.

A 144Hz monitor needs a response time (GtG) of less than 7ms (1÷144=0, 00694…). But since the pixel response time in real situations is longer than stated on the box, it’s worth taking a “margin” and focusing on values ​​of 1‑5 ms (GtG).

Solutions based on *VA will provide greater screen stability, better viewing angles and often (but not always) the backlight uniformity characteristic of these panels, coupled with a deep black field. At the same time, the Samsung C27HG70QQI is the best and optimal solution for 27-inch monitors. It won't win you over with the same responsiveness as the TN+Film options, and some might be overwhelmed by the typography features, but it still delivers a very different user experience that TN leaves behind.

Now let's move on to 27-inch IPS. Here the Acer Predator XB271HUb continues to rule the score - the undisputed leader of the segment thanks to the company's competent pricing policy and quality stability over the past 2 years. The monitor will delight not only with excellent color reproduction and a stable picture, but also with a very high panel speed. Those who are not satisfied with the appearance of the Acer model can safely look at its main and more expensive competitor Asus ROG Swift PG279Q. It has no significant advantages, just a different - more modern and stylish - design.

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