Instagram already has 1.3 billion users, the photo and video content service is one of the top social networks in the world and continues to grow.


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How to promote your Instagram account

"Instagram" brings money to brands and bloggers - it is the most effective platform for Influencer marketing in 2020-2021. Bloggers make up to $10,000 per ad post. Brands increase their audience, loyalty and sales - 90% of Instagram users are subscribed to commercial accounts.

Giveaway and Likertime

Gives is an activity, when bloggers/stores gather, discount gifts for participants and raffle them off among the most active ones. Budgets and durations vary. To get the coveted likes, sponsor a gif.

Lifehack: Choose guides that guarantee no more than 25% of your current audience. This will maintain your engagement rate. That is, if you have, for example, 10 thousand subscribers, then the maximum gif for you is with a guarantee of 2,500 people coming. Organizers of quality giveaways can be found on Telegram:

Likertime often conduct bloggers, and usually the conditions are as follows: like some number of publications, comment on the publication, go to a page of the one who commented before you and get active there.

Lifehack: Only participate in activities that take place in the moment. For example, a liketime started an hour ago, correspondence in the comments is active. It's okay to participate. If a post with a like activity was posted two days or a few hours ago, you'll have less chances to get the likes in return.

Activity Chats

Activity Chats are communities where people like to get likes and other activities together. You get a like and you get a like in return. You can find them on instagram itself, but it is easier to do it via Telegram, there are many such chats. Read more about activity chats in our article.

Lifehack: Join chats with approximately 20-50 participants. This increases the likelihood that people completing tasks will not be repeated, and you will get likes from different users. And one more thing: do not join 20 chats at once. You simply will not have time to be active everywhere. Better choose a couple with simple rules without instant blocking.

Tell everyone

You probably have a profile on Vkontakte or Facebook. Publish a post saying you have an Instagram account. Write about why you should be read there, in addition to your existing profiles. Send an email with the news of your new account to your contact base or customers via email.

Sign up and get likes

Get active and get noticed on Instagram. Mass-following can help at the initial stage, but do not abuse it. It's better to act manually. Keep in mind that Instagram* does not approve of third-party massfollowing services and may block the account.

Instead, put reactions to Stories by people who might like your topic. This method will attract a more loyal audience and active followers.