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Jennifer Lawrence personal life

Between 2011 and 2013, Jennifer dated Nicholas Holt. The actors met on the set of X-Men. First Class". After 2 years, the couple broke up. When the film "My Boyfriend is Crazy" was released, there was speculation about the relationship between Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. But the man denied the rumors, saying that he is good enough to be Jennifer's father.

The artist has repeatedly stated in interviews that having an impressive bank account makes it difficult to establish a personal life. In her suitors recorded partners on "The Hunger Games" Josh Hutcherson and on "Passengers" by Chris Pratt. But Jennifer has not had a close relationship with any of them. "We're just friends," the actors assured reporters each time.

In 2016, Lawrence had a romance with director Darren Aronofsky, who invited the star to his project Mama! The pair spent a lot of time together, which influenced the emergence of romantic feelings. But the celebrity romance ended soon after the filming ended, and 5 months later a new companion Cook Maroni, owner of a contemporary art gallery, was spotted in the orbit of the Hollywood star.

In the summer of 2018, the couple officially went public, and in early 2019 there was talk of an engagement between the actress and her lover. Lawrence's fans have only to wait for news of when Cook will already be the beauty's official husband.

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The next project gave the actress a truly unusual experience. Darren Aronofsky drama thriller "Mama!", where Lawrence played the lead character, was first presented to the world at the 74th Venice Film Festival. The film, based on a script by the director himself, received high praise from critics, some of the film experts admitted that it was capable of driving them mad.

Jennifer plunged into the atmosphere of Russia in the film adaptation of the novel by Jason Matthews' Red Sparrow, where her character - Russian spy. To work in the film by Jason Lawrence, she had to spend 4 months at the ballet machine and develop a Russian accent.

The 2019 blockbuster X-Men: Dark Phoenix, where she reincarnated as Mystique for the last time, was added to the artiste's bankroll. The sci-fi film was received coldly by critics and did not justify the money spent on its creation.